A Quick Look at the Best Totes for Punters

Online betting is surging in popularity worldwide, and causing huge changes to the world of wagering, but some things never change, and punters’ favourite wagers to make still involve horse racing betting.

There is an excellent variety of exhilarating wagers that punters can place on the performances of thoroughbreds, all of which work well for the various horse racing situations that occur.

Punters need to focus on choosing the right bet at the right time in order to keep winning consistently, and this is one of the chief skills that bettors will need to master when it comes to picking the best totes.

Pari-Mutuel, or Pool Bets, at Online Bookmakers

Totes are also known as pari-mutuel bets or pool bets, and, as these names indicate, are comprised of a number of different wagers placed by many punters. All of bets which have been placed on a race are pooled, and the winnings will be shared among the punters who made the best totes choice and will then divided according to the final odds.

Thanks to the fact that the odds at the best betting sites for players are determined by the size of the betting pool, these payouts can change right up to the minute the betting closes for the event.

Long shots usually pay out more than sure things do, because more punters tend to wager on the second rather than the first. One of the most thrilling aspects of totes betting is this uncertainty that continues until the very last minute, and long shots are often the best totes available to punters, as they are able to provide the highest returns.

The Best Totes Bets Online

Different types of totes are suited to dissimilar betting amounts as well as diverse race types, and punters will find that, as they spend time at the various online bookmakers that provide for these bets, they are able to get better at making more astute decisions as to these and thus start winning more money more often.

The best totes for beginners are the simplest wagers available, and these are known as Wins and Places. For the Win part of the wager, punters are required to name the horse they feel is most likely to win the race, for the Place they choose the animal they believe will end up second or third.

An Each Way bet combines these, and punters are asked to nominate the animals to take the first three places of the race.

Punters interested in Exacta and Trifecta bets at this website will be asked to specify the animals they feel will win first and second place in the first, and those they feel will fill the first three places in the race in the second.

Quadpot bets are popular with punters because they are not very expensive to place, and can be richly rewarding if they prove correct.

These require punters to select horses to place or win in the third to sixth spots in four races over the course of one day. The Placepot is a variation on this bet, and asks that bettors select horses for six races on any given day in the same manner.

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