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Even if you’re not an avid car collecting enthusiast, there are a number of events held around the world that are sure to be entertaining. After all, vehicles are not just about whether you one day intend to actually own one, but about the rich history involved, and the remarkable engineering.

Classic and retro cars tend to turn heads wherever they go, simply because they are nothing more than walking slices of history. And what could be better than watching a parade of such cars, still running perfectly, despite being older than many of the eyes watching them. Here is a list of some of the most interesting and worth checking out car events happening across the world, be they focused around retro cars, or super-hot modern sports cars.

British Motoring Treasures: The British Motor Car in Fifty Objects

A remarkable exhibition running at the British Motor Museum is certainly not to be missed. Titled The British Motor Car in Fifty Objects, the visitor is treated to a detailed and fascinating history of the British motor industry, told through 50 unique objects from the world of motor vehicles. Both educational and interesting, a serious car collector will find much to see in this limited duration event. Three amazing classic vehicles will be on display, including a genuine 899 Wolseley Voiturette, as well as a 1965 Austin Mini.

Auto Expo – India

The second largest car expo in the world, the Auto Expo tends to be largely focused around introducing new car models to India and the world. Many of the car models showcased may not be the type of thing to land up in the garage of a collector, but there is still plenty to gape at as far as the prototype section is concerned. New and interesting prototype cars are open for the public to view, and there is just about no better way to get an idea of where the motor industry is headed. One cannot, after all, consider themselves up to date with the motor industry if they do not know where it is headed. You’ll have to be in India for this one, though, so don’t count on any esports betting offers to be in walking distance.

Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

Just as the name suggests, the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival is a showcase of hundreds of classic vehicles, sure to get a few eyes popping out of heads. Over 700 classic vehicles to be exact, and 200 classic motorcycles. It sounds like a person could lost at such an immense display, but you certainly wont hear anyone complaining about it. The festival has a limited run, and is expecting in excess of about 4000 visitors. So be sure to get your ticket early. The event is in the United Kingdom, so if you haven’t already sorted out your travel arrangements, best start doing so right away. You wont be able to purchase any of the vehicles on display, but it sure can’t hurt to have good long gape, and appreciate the world history of motorcars.

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