Double Exposure Blackjack High Limit Casino Game

NetEnt’s Double Exposure Blackjack High Limit Casino Game in Detail

Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit is an online casino game produced by Net Entertainment. High limit blackjack is exactly as the name describes. In this version of blackjack, players can play with much higher limits than one would normally find at crazy luck casino. This game is ideally suited for experienced blackjack players who have a lot of cash to back them up. Players who are just starting out or who do not enjoy playing with large sums of money should try their hand at standard or low limit blackjack instead.

The Setup

The setup for Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit is very similar to standard blackjack like you see at iPhone casinos. The screen contains a single blackjack table with three card hand options. This means that players can pay from one up to three hands at the same time. The game begins with players placing their bet or bets on the designated areas. The dealer will then deal the player two cards per hand and himself two cards both facing up. As with standard blackjack, in double exposure blackjack players then have the option to hit, to stick, to split or to double down. If players are dealt two of the same cards, they can elect to split their hand and keep on playing.

A Different Blackjack Game

With Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit, the double exposure part is so named because of how the dealer deals the cards. In a standard blackjack game the dealer will start off dealing the player two cards and himself two cards with one face down. In Double Exposure blackjack, both of the dealer’s cards are showing. This means that players can adjust their strategy and hit or stick according to what they can see. Essentially, this makes it easier for players to beat the dealer.

How Double Exposure Blackjack Works

How Double Exposure Works

Because Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit gives players a better chance of beating the dealer, the payouts are slightly lower. In this game, blackjack pays out 1 to 1 as does any other win. The dealer also wins any tie if it is not a blackjack tie. As with the standard game of online blackjack, the dealer must stick on 17 and keep drawing until he reaches 16. Players are not given the option of taking out insurance in double exposure blackjack. The rules in high exposure blackjack remain the same. The object is to get as close to 21 without going over 21 points.

Winning in Double Exposure Blackjack

In Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit, players can double down which means they double their bet and can only get one additional card. If players can see they have a higher hand than the dealer, they can stick. If players can see that they have a lower hand than the dealer, they can hit and get an additional card. Once players have made their decision, the dealer must keep on drawing a card if he has below 16. If the dealer cannot play, the computer will automatically determine if the player has won the round and will pay out accordingly. If players are playing multiple hands, a small white arrow indicates which hand is being played at the time.

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