Fruit Cocktail Slot Machine Guide for Internet Casino Players

Fruit Cocktail is arguably the most famous digital slot title from software developer Igrisoft, managing to combine some primitive-looking graphics with up-to-date features like variable multipliers in the bonus game. The game’s layout resembles a 1980s digital attempt at an 1890s mechanical fruit machine, with five reels, three rows and 9 pay lines.

The Fruit Cocktail reels are set against a deep blue backdrop at the bottom of a cocktail glass, replete with bubbles, ice cubes and a cheerful strawberry on a lemon-wedge air mattress drinking a cocktail. The symbols are all dated illustrations, albeit brightly coloured, drawn from the fruit machine theme, and the various indicators at the top of the screen and the game controls at the bottom are housed in clunky buttons from the 80s arcade game era.

Fruit Machine Symbols Rule the Roost

Players can bet on 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 pay lines, with between 1 and 25 coins bet per line. Fruit Cocktail uses eight ordinary symbols, all of them derived from the original mechanical fruit machines. The pay lines operate left-to-right as well as right-to-left, however, so all the winning combinations can start on Reels 1 or 5, as long as they continue in unbroken succession along a pay line.

The cluster of cherries is the lowest-value symbol, winning 2 coins for three matches in either direction, and 10 coins for five of a kind. In increasing order of value, next come a clutch of peaches, a lemon and an apple, which wins 100 coins for five matches.

The four high-value symbols are a pear, a watermelon, a fruit cocktail and the Fruit Cocktail logo. For five of a kind, these icons win 200, 500, 2,000 and 5,000 coins respectively.

Fruit Cocktail Logo Doubles as Wild

When not winning prizes for matches with itself on a pay line, the Fruit Cocktail logo also serves as the game’s Wild symbol, standing in for other symbols to complete winning combos on multiple pay lines.

Strawberry Scatter Activates Complex Bonus

The same laid-back strawberry floating around the game’s background cocktail does duty as the Fruit Cocktail Scatter symbol. As Scatters, the strawberry icons do not have to land on the same pay lines to trigger wins, but unlike many slots titles, the Fruit Cocktail Scatters have only a single function. They trigger no coin prizes in their own combos; their only value is to activate the bonus round.

However, the Fruit Cocktail bonus round is complex enough to deliver some decent rewards at online casino sites. For three Scatters anywhere on the reels, the player gets to play the Fever Bonus Round once; for four Scatters they can play it twice, and five Scatters win them three bonus rounds.

In each bonus round, a light runs around a track of casino game symbols surrounding a set of three reels displaying one symbol each. The player needs to stop the running light on a symbol that matches one coming up on the reels to win a bonus prize. This prize can be as much as 100X the total bet for the spin. The player’s attempts at catching the right pair of symbols continue until the running light stops on a square marked Exit, which ends the bonus feature.

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