NetEnt’s Roulette High Limit Explained for High Roller Casino Players

While many online casino games developers focus purely on slots, there are more than enough also producing decent table games, so fans of an authentic casino experience can get almost any game they fancy online these days. Net Entertainment, or NetEnt, is one of the developers that pays attention to classic table games, and its Roulette Low Limit title is already popular with roulette fans.

Roulette High Limit is a title that intermediate or expert roulette players may be interested in. Like the Roulette Low Limit title, it uses the European wheel, with only one zero, so the odds are already better for players than they are in American roulette. The difference between the two NetEnt titles is the fact that Roulette High Limit allows players to place as much as 500 Euros on a bet, as opposed to the 50 Euro maximum of Roulette Low Limit.

Relaxed Table Atmosphere Built In

With typical NetEnt attention to detail, the design of the Roulette High Limit table is impressive. The wheel and the betting table are realistic in 3D, the betting controls via cursor are easy to work out, and the whole effect is just like playing at a real, land-based roulette table.

In Roulette High Limit, online gambling is accompanied by continuous smooth piano jazz, which is the one area in which it differs from a land-based roulette game. But many players will actually find the restful atmosphere, with no betting calls coming from other players, remarkably pleasant.

Free Play for Beginners

It appears that Roulette High Limit is only available in an online-casino format at present, but with NetEnt constantly adapting existing titles for seamless mobile play, it should not be long before roulette fans also have access to a mobile version of the title. Of course, it makes no sense for beginners, or those with no tried-and-tested roulette betting strategy, to take on Roulette High Limit right off the bat.

It is much wiser to learn roulette in a low-stakes version of the game; or better yet, a free version. Free play is also an option on Roulette High Limit, however, so it can be a useful training ground; as long as the player resists the urge to wager real money until their roulette play has reached an intermediate level, at least.

Finding a Roulette Betting Strategy

Players who are used to having great strokes of luck might play roulette by betting on single numbers, confident that a 35-1 prize will be forthcoming. For most Roulette High Limit players, however, it makes much more sense to have a betting strategy that will allow the player to accumulate regular wins at the most favourable odds.

The simplest roulette betting strategy is the Martingale, which involves betting only on the even-money options black/red, low/high, or odd/even, and doubling the bet after any loss. This only works if the player has a bankroll big enough to keep doubling the bet on an unlucky streak, however, so it’s probably not the best for Roulette High Limit, as the bets will hit a ceiling. It is better to practise a more complex strategy, with numerous small bets on several multi-number options to cover more of the table and lower the player’s risk.

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