Spiderman Slot Basics for Players

You must have been living under a rock if you don’t know who the web-slinging hero Spiderman is. Staring in multiple comic franchises, featured on the duvet covers of many children, and having no less then five movies, Spiderman is an international sensation. The Spiderman slot game, created by Cryptologic, is the reels and symbols edition of this hero’s popularity.

The game is exceptionally well made, featuring comic worthy art, an animated Spiderman, and a decent soundtrack. Players will quickly notice that Spiderman clings to the right side of the reels, reacting to wins and loses as the player progresses. Note that he will even swing across the reels when certain special features are activated.

In terms of game play the Spiderman slot game utilises a five reel, twenty five betting line system, giving the option for players to adjust betting lines between spins. This means that the game is not only visually stimulating, it also offers a deeper level of strategy for experienced players. Note the turbo mode button in the bottom right of the play area. This button does not chance the game other then speeding up all the functions of the slot game, for those who are impatient.

Symbols In Detail

If you know Spiderman you probably also know the Green Goblin, one of Spiderman’s most notorious enemies. This flaming jack O’ lantern throwing monster is the most valuable symbol in the Spiderman slot game, giving enormous payouts if matched the maximum of five times. Smaller but still welcome payments are given for matching him three times.

Next on the list is the love of Spiderman’s life Mary Jane, featured with her trademark red hair. She probably isn’t thrilled about being less valuable then Green Goblin, but still offers good payouts for being matched five times. Next up is an aerial view of New York city, where Spiderman lives, given that web swinging wouldn’t be much use with no tall buildings. This symbol is of medium value, but still worth keeping an eye on. The least valuable picture symbols in the game are Peter Parker’s camera and a newspaper, followed by the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards often seen here as well in casino card games.


The wild symbol in the game Spiderman slot game is recognisable as the Spiderman symbol with the word wild stamped over it. This symbol will match with all other symbols, and may also match with itself for incredible instant payouts.

Turn your attention to the bonus symbol, however, because that is where things really get interesting. Upon the bonus symbol being matched three times the player will be given the option to select a min-game, presented as a series of Spiderman comic books.

The Ultimate Fight bonus is one of the most commonly chosen, and features an interactive fight between Spiderman and Green Goblin. The player must select a question mark, which will reveal a prize, as well as send Spiderman into the fight. Keep selecting options until Spiderman knocks Green Goblin out cold.

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