Victorious Touch Mobile Slot at a Glance

It has become quite a trend in this clot gaming industry to incorporate themes into the game that relate to ancient peoples and civilisation. These include the Aztecs, Mayans and Egyptians amongst the most popular.

However with this Victorious Touch mobile slot game from NetEnt the theme is of Ancient Rome and all that this entails for the reels and the players. Overall the graphics of this slightly different ancient civilisation mobile slot game are rather average, with the entire style of the slot setup to look slightly more archaic and theme appropriate.

Veni Vidi Vici, came saw and conquered, that’s the style on the reels of this Victorious Touch mobile slot, however despite this bold theme there are still a few factors that remain paramount the experience on the reels regardless of chosen theme. With this game these factors involve a set of 5 reels all laid out in blocks of symbols and with a 243 ways to win system replacing the regular style of pay line system across these reels.

This mobile slot from NetEnt also features a few of the more basic and nondescript bonuses available to the slot gaming industry, including some free spins and of course the wide range of winning possibility on the reels.

The Theme of Rome in this Slot

Ancient Rome was a rather impressive civilisation that was responsible for a good deal of systems and aspects we regard as common place in today’s world. Definitely a substantial powerhouse in its day this civilisation also does make for some rather impressive looking reels in a mobile slot game such as this.

With the graphics involved in this Victorious Touch mobile slot the smaller screen for this platform doesn’t really mar any of the experience and the reels take up the centre of the screen to allow for maximum visibility and immersion onto said reels. Otherwise the backdrop and even sound effects of this mobile slot play smaller but still important roles in the setup of this thematic experience on the reels of this Victorious Touch slot game.

Like many themed slot game the crux of this theme is seen through the symbols laid out on the reels of the game. With this Victorious Touch slot there are symbols that relate to the Roman soldiers in large parts, the Centurions and other parts of the army that played a role in this civilisation’s success.

Overall these symbols make the spinning a themed process which is quite nice to have, especially in a mobile slot game where they take up the entire screen involved.

Roman Themed Bonus Feature in this Game

With the various aspects of the theme playing their part on the reels of this Victorious Touch mobile slot from NetEnt it can be possible to almost forget about the bonuses involved in the gameplay.

These include a Wild symbol which performs in much the same way as it has for the many years it has been involved in these forms of game, whilst the other bonus of this slot is a free spins feature, another top bonus for this industry. All of these serve to make the base game of this Victorious Touch mobile slot just that little more exciting for all those involved.

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