Weirdest Sports To bet On That you Never Heard About

From Horses to Golf, we all know some incredible sports that we can bet on to make a buck or ten. Sometimes however we would like to step out of our comfort zone and bet on something that is a little bit more out of the norm. It might not be that the sport itself is bizarre, but merely the fact that people bet on them.

Brute Strength Of The Arm

Male masculinity abounds as through the age’s men have shown superiority through arm wrestling.  He who has the strongest arms wins the prize, even if that prize is simply bragging rights. But who would have thought that people would bet money on it. To take it to the next level though, there also exists a world tournament for arm wrestling.

In 2017, about 30 NFL players – both active ones and retired ones – decided to compete in the world tournament for arm wrestling that was held at a local casino. This is definitely a sport that requires its participants to work out. Of course, even though it is a male dominated sport, let’s not forget that there are also women that take part in it.

Off To Hogwarts We Go

It would only be a matter of time before someone created a real-world sporting event that takes its base from the J.K. Rowling books. In the Harry Potter saga, we are introduced to a sport that is played with flying brooms and magical balls. In 2010 some serious Harry Potter fans decided to take the game and stream line it for us non magical folk to enjoy.

From this, a U.S. Quidditch League was created and fans of the books and now the sport in itself can truly attend a Quidditch World Cup. Don’t expect to see flying brooms or even Viktor Krum there. You can however expect the audience to place bets on their favourite teams in hopes of a grand win. At least at this World Cup, you won’t be attacked by He Who Must Not Be Named.

Rock, Paper, Scissor

Everyone loves a round of Rock, Paper Scissor to determine how get to win whatever it is that they are ‘betting NZ’ on. The game was elevated in 2009, where it is now played in a World Championship Tournament. This is so popular that even legendary Michael Jordan made a 100 000 dollar bet on the game. Now let’s wait to see when it becomes Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock.

Harness Racing

Probably one of the funniest looking sports to behold is harness racing. The principal is pretty much the same as traditional horse racing except for two main differences. First is the fact that every country just about has their own set of rules on how to harness race. The second is the fact that the jockey does not sit on the horse but behind it in a little cart that is pulled by the horse. This sport harkens back to days where gladiators rode in horse pulled carts.

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