Worlds Rarest Exotic Cars

What do you do when you’re cruising around in your sports car, one you thought was rare, only to unexpectedly come across the exact same model of car? It’s as embarrassing as being the bride at a wedding, only to realise a bridesmaid is wearing the exact same dress. We’ll tell you what you do; you do what any rational sports car owning person would do; find a rarer model of sports car, of course.

In the world of sports cars and exotic cars there really aren’t that many models that could exactly be called “common,” since so few are seen on the road as it is. But that certainly doesn’t mean that there are not some astonishingly rare sports car models out there. And when we say rare, we mean that in some cases there are only a handful in existence. It goes without saying that such vehicles are outrageously expensive, but that’s exactly what makes them so mysterious and wonderful.

Here are some of the rarest exotic sports cars in the world today.

Pagani Zonda Revolucion

As far as rare goes, you don’t get much more rare than having only 5 in known existence. The Pagani Zonda Revolucion is the final evolution of the renowned Zonda sports car series, and may just take your breath away, even if you were just to lay eyes on it. The machine is monstrous in design, and oozes an aura of being all powerful. Of course, you very likely wont lay eyes on it. This is the rarest sports cars in existence list, which means that barely any humans at all will lay eyes on any of these vehicles. Even so, a Google image search never hurt anyone.

Lamborghini Veneno

The Lamborghini Veneno was made as a 50th anniversary special of the Lamborghini manufacturer, and when a company like that makes something they deem special, you know it’s going to be the sort of special of which there are only 6 in known existence. The Lamborghini Veneno is priced at nearly 5 million USD, so you’d better start hitting the best real money slots games and hope to crack a progressive slot game jackpot. Maybe even hope for two progressive jackpot wins, since the on going maintenance on such a vehicle can hardly be cheap.

Ferrari FXX

Although not as rare as the other cars on this list, there are still only 30 Ferrari FXXs in the world. B they are not street legal, and may only be driven on closed circuit tracks, and are not even open to be bought by the public. Instead Ferrari gave a model to 30 carefully selected Ferrari owners, who are only allowed to drive the car under special arrangement. You know you’re lucky when Ferrari gives you a car, especially when it’s so rare that virtually no one in the world will ever even see on, let alone sit inside one. To add to the mysterious nature of this series of cars, one of the owners is racing legend Michael Schumacher. It seems that you only had to be an F1 racing legend in order to get your hands on one.

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